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Push Play PE

Do you have a Virtual PE Coach in your classroom?

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“Push Play PE has been a godsend           to our classroom teachers.”

~Head of PE,

Long Beach Unified

Easy, Engaging, Compliant

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What if you subscribed to

Push Play PE?

Show over 350 world class, standards-based, launch lessons.  Stream in class before students go play.  

Ready​-Made lessons plans drastically reduce teacher-burden.



Thousands of teachers and students already deploy our web​ videos to maintain compliance and avoid Youtube.​

Any teacher can now provide world-class standards-based PE.

Push Play P.E.

Does your PE often descend into mere free play if teachers are not athletically inclined?

What if, your teachers could stream a modern, world-class standards-based PE lesson directly to their classroom?  

What if, teachers could follow a ready-made pacing plan?

What if, students could receive a world class PE lesson, regardless of their teachers' athletic ability?

What if, administrators had the peace of mind from knowing their campuses are in compliance with the California Standards?