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Push Play PE


Actual Standards-Based P.E.

"This is exactly what I've been looking for!"

~Home School Mom

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Independent Virtual PE

Push Play PE
at home

Not all parents can demonstrate a proper pushup or a perfect football throw…and that’s OK!  Instead, let our credentialed Virtual PE coaches provide a world-class, standards-based PE lesson to your homeschool learners. 

Finally, you have access to synchronous fitness AND the manipulative skill essentials of rolling, kicking, throwing, striking, catching, etc...

Watch your child's confidence grow as our dynamic, visual, age appropriate instruction takes their learning to the next level.

Our easy-to-follow pacing plans tell you which aerobic, strength, and manipulative skill sessions to play on a weekly basis.

Stream over 350 modern, standards-compatible, web videos that feature at-home accommodations, useful motion graphics, and dynamic presenters. 


World-class standards-based PE...easy as Pushing Play.

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