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“Push Play PE has been a godsend to our classroom teachers.”

~Head of PE,

Long Beach Unified

Standards-Based P.E. Video

Push Play P.E.

Elementary schools must provide standards-based PE. But PE often descends into mere free play if teachers are not athletically inclined. What if there was a better way?

What if, your teachers could stream a modern, world-class standards-based PE lesson directly to their students?  

What if, teachers could follow a ready-made pacing plan?

What if, students could receive a world class PE lesson, regardless of their teachers' athletic ability?

What if, administrators had the peace of mind from knowing their campuses are in compliance with the California Standards?

What if you subscribed to

Push Play PE?

Stream over 350 world class, standards-based lessons that give students a learning advantage over legacy models.  

Watch participation rates rise as students finally see their PE objectives properly modeled by world class credentialed PE coaches.


Thousands of teachers and students already deploy our modern media to maintain compliance. 

Every teacher can now provide proper standards-based PE.

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Standards-Based | Physical Education Video

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Also included....

Yard Rules

Bring peace to the playground. Establish the defacto rules to common yard games like handball, 4-square, tetherball, etc. 

Yard Rules
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